The Beauty Of

Indeterminate as fate is,

through illogical consequences

of dire trickery,

still there is hope?

Yet, that too

subscribes to the illusion,

hopefully not delusion (yes, one can hope; or can one?), of

homunculian despondence,

in a shell of supernature,


of the unfathomable tenet

that is this,

inside the impenetrable sphere

that measured the spheres.

Then, depriving certainty

of truth, can

opposition be dissolved,

as aloof as time was

afore seconds,

and exquisiteness be the soul in


©HeyHey 2014



keep seeing shadows reaching for the sky

not knowing, but they’re still trying, why

when the sun has gone

surely there’s almost non

the blackest of birds, they hide

even witches won’t confide

all that can be true

is withdrew

but in silence, atmos is here

a perception of evacuating fear

a sense of the now

could this be how

in time afore time

when teeth were no crime

silhouettes were to bless

hid the blood … and the mess

might come they, again

but please don’t tell when

©HeyHey 2014


always, as a ‘passing’ troubles
(and with it trouble doubles)
absorbs this meagre vitality
“all the hardcopy stinks
not enough in light
the sound is always shite
and the grey
is prone to decay”
so, what to make of a span
a drop in the ocean, man
well, that bead was a jewel disguised
academe, but benevolence more so prized
inspiration like a sun at night
here was a fashioner of souls in plight
a gardener of minds
within sojourns of so many kinds
with compromise on the edge of your cliff
as enigmatic as a hieroglyph
this loss then, should be corporal mere
for legacies remain, and clear

©HeyHey 2014

for Charles, a friend, who died

less than

as forever looms in this realm of
midst the pleasure with each breath
or surf, or song
tis pity still cannot
and never had the

looking at a compass, time
so the words they
more than these cherished pictures
could ever stir the milieu
the yous of one

and beyond is
suspended where regrets are friends
smiles, effort
absorbing beyond belief
but giving less than

©HeyHey 2014


friends can never be …
always needing more to see
but the probing all leads to none
for, you’ll grasp, the brain has gone

to tremble at the thought of this
an empty void, or the whole abyss
and the chums, as they ask for more
don’t realize it’s black beyond the door

all there is, is ahead
behind the smokescreen lies, well, dead
and as the music sorbs on/in skin
notes fall through the vacuum, so thin

so, they’re in here now
and all we have is … wow
would only that they knew
but it’s only we few

©HeyHey 2014

take endeavour

a tale today and morrow
perhaps should heed for thee
from lives that bleed and sorrow
that lost their sense now see
we sit with sun ablaze here
in front expire with ease
occasionally the drunks cheer
as death in gore doth freeze
the deeper thus to penetrate
so richer runs the swill
but as onlookers meditate
they miss to see the kill
to tell this yarn of fashion
must wake we from a dream
give an inkling of compassion
take endeavour from their scream

©HeyHey 2014